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This Is Worth Watching: More Case Presentations of Dementia Reversal

Updated: Mar 10

(Video doesn't seem to want to load from preview. If you open full post though, this link or clicking on video below seems to work. Have also added link to the 2022 peer-reviewed paper, where you can read more about these individual cases of dementia reversal, to which mindbodygreen guy and she refer.)

Not only will the clinical results blow you away (in this tiny trial 84% improved; similar trials report 75%, I believe, but it's tricky to do on one's own-- that's why I love the Marama and Solcere ---and now Wichita, KS's Avita-- temporary live-in model), but her personal/professional journey story is one I am always on the lookout for: a conventionally trained MD who mid-career or upon personal life crisis, "sees the light" and realizes that most of what s/he was taught in medical school needs updating-- or is just plain misguided slash wrong. And then changes how s/he practices. (And gets wholly transformative, self-sustaining results.)

And it's not just Kat: there is an entire mini-universe out there of Dale Bredesens and Kat Toups (and Terry Wahls, Susan Blums, Aristo Vojdanis, Patrick Hanaways, Liz Bohams -- and yes, Mark Hymans and Jeffrey Blands). We are LIVING the (albeit it mostly still a whispered voices underground) REVOLUTION in how we think about health & healthcare! One only needs to know where to look/ listen. All hail the IFM. Enjoy. (And eat whole foods: leaves-roots-nuts-seeds heavy.)

Link to (full text) print of J Alzheimers Dis 2022 paper


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