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Apex Energetics Online Ordering

Updated: Jun 23

A few high-ish end supplement companies are still trying to figure out how to navigate this brave new world of everything available everywhere instantly. In trying to tame the Bezos beast they do their best to implement and police huge markups. On the meta-brand Fullscript professional dispensary, Apex Energetics online ordering is managed on an individual request basis-- which we do our best to respond to the same day.

While we have only a handful of folks regularly purchasing Apex online (at much, much less than the Bezos site, more than likely much, much fresher, and discounted further from the listed in-store retail tag), I was quite impressed with the GI-Synergy component (1 pack twice daily with meals) of Chris Kresser's 30-day (sometimes 60- even 90-day) gut flora "reset" protocol. And I know that others seem to value their glutathione and probiotic formulas. So please just ask if you are encountering issues ordering Apex Energetics products. It has always been a head scratcher for me.

Simply clicking on the "View product" green bar area of any of the product images below should take you where you need to go.

And please, please, please, always think about/ask about root causes:

  • what is low or missing?

  • what might be there in excess-- or that doesn't belong?

In functional medicine, two of my favorite sayings are,

  • "Everything affects everything" and

  • "Inflammation anywhere, inflammation everywhere"

But there are other good ones too. ("Test don't guess" is a top contender.)


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