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Did This "Alzheimer's" Patient Deteriorate Instead Of Undiagnosed Hormone And Nutrient Deficiencies?

Updated: May 5, 2019

Of course the death certificate mentions nothing of this. And yet not one of the countless medical centers or specialists in whose expertise we entrusted his care-- the #VA, the world renown cardiology center, our local outpost of the new massive corporate health conglomerate (Doesn't every town seem to have one (or two or three) these days?) from 2008 when his symptoms first presented to 2015 when he was signed over to a profit maximizing day care prison where he would spend his last years, expiring naked but for a disposable diaper, fetal position, every spark of joy and mischief beaten out of him by serial disappointment, staring at a wall, abandoned-- thought to check something so fundamental. And why, I now have to ask myself, did it not occur to him, to them, to me.

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