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Supplements, Diagnostics, Telehealth and More

We understand brand loyalty, so we've posted scrolling brand specific sites to the right. Meta sites like Wellevate and Fullscript, though, continue to impress. Wellevate now facilitates functional medicine testing & reporting from the likes of Genova Diagnostics, Doctors Data, Dutch hormones, GI-Map and more-- along with the option of a telehealth follow-up consult! Both also offer 20% discounts on all brands, including Standard Process and MediHerb (@Fullscript) and Designs For Health (@Wellevate).

Self-Guided Options

Folks who really know their bodies and are natural sort of "citizen scientists" sometimes prefer to work on their own. We are happy to support such efforts with 2-3 page condition-specific monographs that offer a roadmap for diagnostic thinking and therapeutic approaches. Just ask.

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